Journaling Exercise in Emotional Management

It’s common to be triggered by a person or a situation that sends us into an emotional spiral. Depending on what triggers feelings of hurt, daily practice with your journal can be the first best thing. Catching the feelings right away can be very effective. When something comes up for you jot it down in the moment and ask yourself what it was about the person or situation that made you upset.

To take it a step further, notice what comes up for you in your body. Do you tense up, do you want to avoid (flight), do you want to say or do something (fight), does your heart beat faster, etc. 

Additional questions regarding the trigger to take it a step further:

What was it that felt conflicting about the person or situation for me?

What don't I like about what happened or is happening?

Is there an experience from my past that models similar behaviors or situations?

What did it mean in the past?

Was there something about it that made me feel unsafe?

Is it true now?

That final question is a really important one once you answer all the others. With conscious effort on truth vs. perception in the moment we take back our power and the thing that triggers us loses it's power at the same time.

It's a practice, it's challenging in the beginning but when you recognize the same things triggering you. You'll work through them and over time you'll recognize them for what they are and what they meant to you in the past but that they don't serve a purpose for you now. We can talk through them when needed.

Morgen Ruth