Breakup Mantra for getting over your ex

Breakups suck.

Even worse is living each day repeatedly thinking about your ex.

Having every little thing you do, or see, or hear remind you of the good times.

If you’re really ready to create a separation. If you’re really ready to move on practice this every time you think about your ex or struggle. EVERY. TIME.

I'm giving you back to yourself.

All of you.

Your heart, your mind, your body.

You can have it all.

I am taking all of me back.

100% of myself back, my heart, my mind, my body.

You can practice this and use it to create something that works for you. Really feel into giving them back to themselves and you taking yourself back. It's healing and creates an energetic separation over time.

Do this everyday, repeat it, write it, and then do it again.

Morgen Ruth