The How To Guide for Dating and Relationships

‘How To’ guides for dating and relationships don’t work and here’s why … 

How to get over your ex doesn’t confront the depths of processing our pain and truly healing.

How to create the best online dating profile doesn’t challenge our lack of confidence.

How to start dating doesn’t deal with our fear of rejection.

How to meet the person of your dreams doesn’t solve our lack of vision for what’s really possible.

How to know if someone is attracted to you doesn’t require facing the way we ignore our intuition.

How to improve communication with your partner doesn’t repair the past.

And the list goes on and on.

Without addressing what gets in our way the step by step ‘How To’ isn’t going to work.

Awareness of what gets in the way is first.

Removing what gets in the way is the second.

‘How To’ achieve what you want is third. 

If dating or improving your relationship is a priority for you in 2019 make it easier on yourself and message me to connect.

PS- if this resonates with you and you don’t reach out … there’s probably something in the way

Morgen Ruth