Phenomenon of the Spark

The Spark 💥

That thing we feel when we meet someone special.

That strong pull leading us to romanticise a new connection.

That seemingly endless string of thoughts that consumes us.

Let’s break it down so you can use it to your advantage before euphoria sets in and you lose complete function of your brain ...

💥 It’s your internal radar going off at an alarming rate.

💥 It’s your evolutionary hard-wiring for instant gratification in the face of what feels good.

💥 It’s your primal instinct desiring connection.

💥 It’s your excitement for potential intimacy, passion and all the qualities inherent in a true love relationship.

And it’s exactly the place you can acknowledge the power in these feelings by knowing what propels them.

Mystery propels them.

Mystery fuels the fire.
Take responsibility in the moment.
To fuel the mystery is to fuel the fire.

Accelerate at a gradual pace and let it unfold over time.

Enjoy the ride, lean back and make adjustments as you go.

Keep your head and your heart in check.

Enjoy the spark without losing your mind.

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