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There has to be more. 

In my search for more, I earned my CPCC accreditation as a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach and have worked for years supporting others. Your success lies first in making the decision to actually BE successful. As with many challenges, there are skills to be learned. Making progress in dating, choosing a partner, and creating your desired relationship is a process.

There are many reasons I am so passionately drawn to the work of coaching and in particular, helping those who struggle in dating and relationships. For me, it started in early childhood. My parents divorced, each remarrying a new spouse, and each of those then divorcing again. I can’t remember a relationship from childhood that emulated any kind of relationship I wanted for myself in the future and so I committed to learning and creating it.

If you find yourself feeling like there has to be more you’re in the right place. There is more. More connection. More freedom. More love. More of whatever it is you desire.